Tropical Fish Supplies

Yellow tang & Clown fishImage by puliarf via Flickr
Yellow tang & Clown fish
Finding the right tropical fish supplies for your aquarium can be a challenging aspect for many. However, when it comes to acquiring the basics, it's crucial to know what you're doing. 

One of the most fascinating and intimidating aspects of fish tank keeping is that you are keeping a constantly ever-changing and evolving ecosystem. Putting this in mind, it is easy to see why cheap tropical fish supplies can badly harm your fish tank.

Some basic tropical fish supplies include plants, large stones or driftwood, fish tank gravel, a heater and a filter. For many people, choosing these items are just as exciting as choosing the fish themselves. Here are some points to consider when buying and installing these items into your fish tank.
Choosing the gravel for your aquarium may not seem like an excessively complex purchase, but you would be surprised at just how many varieties there are. They come in a broad choice of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Not only does choosing the color and shape of your gravel play a part in shaping the platform for your aquarium decoration, but the quality of it can also impact the wellness of your fish. If you use aquarium gravel with lots of brilliant neon colors, make sure that it is of high quality so that it doesn't leak dyes or toxins into the water over time.

Angel FishImage by hamad M via Flickr
Angel Fish
Plants are also significant tropical fish supplies. Live plants help keep the take oxygenated and provide places for fish to play, hide, or sleep. However, beware when purchasing live plants, as some may contain snail eggs that lead to your fish tank being quickly infested with small snails.

If you plan on keeping fish that are herbivores, it's also a good idea to choose fake plants, as there are few things worse than discovering your fish have single-handed consumed your expensive plants. Logs, large stones, and other decorations are also useful for maintaining a natural look as well as providing protection for your fish.

Buying a quality heater and water filter are also necessary tropical fish supplies. As most freshwater and saltwater fish tanks function well at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, it is a good idea to find a heater that is able to consistently keep this temperature. 

Extreme temperature fluctuations, specially for fragile tropical species, can really kill your fish.  A good filter is also necessary for filtering out fish waste, dead plant matter and other natural contaminates. Learn more now about how to find the best tropical fish supplies for your fish tank, browse more  posts on this topic on my blog.

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