Tropical Fish Shop - Which Tropical Fish Store Should I Choose?

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Discus fish
A top quality tropical fish shop is a bonanza to any aquarium owner. There is nothing quite like being able to depend on staff members who are educated about the care and feeding of fish.

In addition, a quality fish shop should have a broad choice of different plants, decorations, foods,  fish tank sizes and other products. Unfortunately, there are many fish stores that are more about selling fish than they are about doing what is better for the fish. The following are a few tips on what to look for in a great tropical fish store.
A good way to test a tropical fish shop is to just roam around for a while inside. This typically takes more than one visit to learn for sure. Do you notice that the shop seems to lose more fish to disease than they do by really selling them? Do you notice any filthy or overcrowded fish tanks? Do the fish seem excessively stressed out? Do you see bigger fish that are in fish tanks that are too small for them? These are distinguishing signs of fish neglect and should be an instant turn off for any serious fish owner.

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A note about sick fish: Finding fish tanks with sick fish in them is an inevitable experience for literally any tropical fish store. Thought, the difference between a good shop and a bad shop is that typically a good shop will mark these fish tanks as bad for purchasing from, while a bad store will merely let the fish tank be.

In addition to this, a good fish shop will check their fish tanks on a regular basis and promptly remove any dead fish and other obvious contaminants from them.

The staff at a tropical fish shop are also important. Typically, they should be well enlightened and accustomed to working with fish. This is especially essential if you are new to keeping fish and have questions. 

If the staff has no idea regarding which fish are compatible with others, for example, it's a signal that it's time to leave and search for service somewhere else. While fish shop staff are not vets, they should be able to distinguish and recommend treatment for diverse diseases as well.

Once you've found a perfect tropical fish store, you'll see just how good it is to be able to have somebody to go to with questions regarding gravel types, water adjustments, food, live plants, cleaning techniques and more. Learn more about how a high quality fish shop can drastically impact the quality of your aquarium.
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