Rainbow Tropical Fish

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Rainbow tropical fish are easy fish to care for, reading this article top to bottom will give you an excellent understanding of this topic. Are you looking for a low maintenance fish that is also colourful and exotic? If so, then the rainbow tropical fish is the perfect pick for you. This sadly overlooked species is a mellow little fish that is ideal for beginner and expert aquarium keepers alike.

Image of the Melanotaenia boesemani, male red ...Image via Wikipedia
Melanotaenia boesemani
Why is the rainbow tropical fish such a rare find? This is mostly because many fish stores sell fish as juveniles or babies. Rainbow tropical fish don't tend to get their vivid colors until they are alot older—as young fish they tend to be brownish green. 

These school dwelling fish show their colours when attracting mates. Unlike many tropical fish, they show no signs of hostility when other males are in the fish tank. Having a female or two will be perfect for breeding as well.

As a general rule, when choosing fish for your fish tank, be sure not to overcrowd them. While these are comparatively little fish, they are still a school dwelling species that needs a lot of room to roam. If you are uncertain as to which fish to include with your school, try asking your local fish store.

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Northern Rainbowfish

Along with being beautiful, extremely colorful, rainbow tropical fish are able to get along with a broad variety of aquarium fish. Most times the problem is finding tropical freshwater fish that will be compatible with the rainbow tropical fish; even tetras are known for nipping fins every now and then. 
Dwarf rainbowfish (Melanotaenia praecox) at Bo...Image via Wikipedia
Dwarf rainbowfish
These fish adapt well to a variety of water conditions. These hardy, active fish do well with a variety of peaceful community fish as well as in the semi-aggressive aquarium. Rainbow fish are top water swimmers that can fill the void in most freshwater aquariums. A schooling fish, rainbows prefer to be in groups of six or more fish of the same species

Some equally mellow fish include guppies, angel fish, rasboras, and loaches. In addition to being a very mild tempered fish, they are comparatively hearty as well, making them ideal fish for starting tanks.

Additionally, other things to remember when raising rainbow fish is the composition of your fish tank. Be sure to include a lot of places for your fish to hide or sleep. These include wide leafed plants, pieces of driftwood and large rocks. 

Being shy creatures by nature, rainbow tropical fish need places for hiding and will lose their natural colors if overstressed.

In addition, like most fish, rainbow fish are sensitive to extreme water changes. When taking care of this species, make sure to have some quality water testing kit in reach. This lets you check the levels of ammonia, nitrate, calcium, and other elements.
A picture of a male Bosemani Rainbow fish.Image via Wikipedia
Bosemani Rainbow fish

In addition to this, having a high quality thermometer and heater won't hurt . There are even kinds of heaters that have memory settings, allowing you to keep the fish tank's temperature from fluctuating.

These are a few things to regard when caring for a rainbow tropical fish. By being diligent and patient , you will be capable of seeing exactly how much these tiny creatures can brighten up any fish tank.

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