Hiding Places In Tropical Fish Tank

Did you know that fish will get stressed without having hiding places in tropical fish tank? This is something that many new fish tank owners don't realize. In providing your fish with places to get away for a while, you will be doing wonders for lowering their stress levels and keeping them healthy for much longer.

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There are many things you can use for hiding places in tropical fish tank. The most common items include plants, hunks of driftwood, and even large sea shells.
These natural hiding places allow your fish a chance to hide from other fish or just find a moment of solitude. If you have nocturnal species, it's also crucial to give them places to sleep during the day. As I was saying, tropical fish seldom like being stuck out in the open.

The cause hiding places in tropical fish tank are so effective at lowering stress is because it mirrors what life is like in the wild. Their natural habitats are the type to have lots of plants and rocks and dim spots to hide from predators.

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Oscar Fish

While there are no predators in your fish tank, the instinct still remains. In addition to this, if the atmosphere outside of the fish tank is too noisy, your fish may want a spot to retreat.

There are other ways you can create hiding places in tropical fish tank, however. When it comes to providing your fish with private spots, your only bound is your own imagination.

Of course, the hiding places may change according to the size and shape of your fish, but there are tons of different ways to create hiding spots for all sorts of fish.

For example, some fish owners put small flower pots within their thanks, creating a sort of cave. Even the silly fish tank toys such as Greek ruins statues or an ancient palace can do wonders for providing your fish with a place to hide within or behind.

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When making hiding places in tropical fish tank, it's essential that you make sure that these items are clean. After all, you're introducing a new item to your fish tank, which can unknowingly change the pH levels in the water if you're not careful. If you're using stone, clay, or other materials, make sure that it doesn't dissolve.

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These are only a few ways you can make great hiding places in tropical fish tank. As your fish grow more accustomed to your fish tank, bit by bit they'll begin to come out from these spots and swim around a bit more.
In addition to this, there is something nice about knowing the favourite hiding spots and sleeping areas of your fish.

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