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Blue Ringed OctopusImage by Tom Weilenmann via Flickr
Blue Ringed Octopus
Is it wise to buy your tropical fish online? There are many advantages and disadvantages to buying fish this way. Here are a few cons and pros to purchasing tropical fish online.

It's widely agreed that purchasing tropical fish online is a perfect way to find access to rarer fish that you might not find in most pet stores. Including both species that are harvested from the wild and tank bred animals. 
There are many seawater tropical fish available online that are actually astonishing specimens, such as blue ringed octopus, blue lipped clams, peacock mantis shrimp and more. In many events, online relator's allow you to order species from their website and then pick them up at their physical store, saving you the time and stress of having them shipped to your doorstep.

Mantis ShrimpImage by Alya AlT via Flickr
peacock mantis shrimp

However, the downside to buying tropical fish online is that you are denied the experience of shopping in a quality fish store. In my view, this can impact your buy quite a bit. While ideal online fish stores can show you actual pictures of their animals and give you exact depictions of their specifications, that tells you nothing about the animal's personality or how it reacts to your presence. When it comes to ordering a small freshwater Frog online and seeing a small freshwater frog react to your voice, fingers and presence, it's easy to see which of the two experiences gives you more information about what kind of creature you are acquiring for your tank.

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Unfortunately, I dare say this, there are a great deal of tropical fish online stores that are less than legit. It may be a simple case of merely providing low quality fish or it may be discovered that their methods of getting these fish aren't quite legal. This is why you should research your online fish shop thoroughly before taking any steps. No one likes being scammed, especially when the hope of getting your favorite fish or creature is dangled before you. So make sure your online supplier is a respected one.

There are respected online fish stores that really offer quality fish and take care of there fish until you receive them. Make sure when you buy tropical fish online that you choose a good online store.  Check out our recommended online suppliers
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