Tropical Fish Tank

Keeping a tropical fish tank isn't always easy. Rather than thinking of it as just an aquarium full of pet fish, it's better to see it your own private ecosystem. Not only do the fish impact the atmosphere, but the plants, rocks, temperature, lighting, and more can change the quality of life within your tank. When it comes to keeping your tank free of disease and parasites, there are many precautions you can take.

Tropical Fish Tank Black Mold

SuckerfishImage by Stinkie Pinkie via Flickr
Finding tropical fish tank black mold can be a troubling experience indeed. However, what many mistake for a mold is in truth a thick, short algae named black brush. This is a very difficult algae to get rid of, but it is completely possible to do so with persistence, patience, and a bit of help. Here are a few tips on how to fight tropical fish tank black mold.

Tetra Tropical Fish

Brilliant rummy nose tetra (Hemigrammus bleheri).Image via Wikipedia
Brilliant rummy nose tetr
Tetra tropical fish are famous for being one of the first choices for new tank owners all around the country. These school dwelling fish are Surely an attractive species. What many don't realise is that they're rather captivating as well.

Rainbow Tropical Fish

RainbowfishImage by Jnarin via Flickr
Rainbow tropical fish are easy fish to care for, reading this article top to bottom will give you an excellent understanding of this topic. Are you looking for a low maintenance fish that is also colourful and exotic? If so, then the rainbow tropical fish is the perfect pick for you. This sadly overlooked species is a mellow little fish that is ideal for beginner and expert aquarium keepers alike.

Tropical Fish Tank Cloudy Water Dying

Are you concerned about tropical fish tank cloudy water dying? This is a common problem among many new tanks.

RH Fish TankImage by Daniel, Daniel Kwok via Flickr

Depending on the color of the cloudy water, you can determine the kind of problem. This problem can be caused by a broad variety of different things. While dealing with sick fish and cloudy water isn't pleasant, there are a few steps you can take to try and remedy it.

Tropical Fish Diseases

Male and female guppies (Poecilia reticulata)Image via Wikipedia
Male and female guppies

Unfortunately, even the most well maintained fish tank once in a while suffers an epidemic. Tropical fish diseases can be caused by everything from stress to decomposing substances contaminating the water. Here are a few tips to prevent and treat diverse diseases.

A good way to prevent a number of tropical fish diseases is to clean and monitor your fish tank regularly. Get rid of any dead fish or decomposing plant matter as soon as you find it.

Tropical Fish Aquarium

Are you thinking of starting a tropical fish aquarium? If so, you are embarking on an astonishing adventure! There are few things more satisfying than being able to create your own little window into freshwater and seawater worlds. Here are a few tips to get started setting up your tank.

Tropical Fish Food

siam aquarium fish feedingImage by GianCayetano via Flickr
The type of tropical fish food you provide can mean the difference between a healthy, growing fish tank and a Suffering one. Fish, although they are not complex animals, will not always eat what is given to them, and sometimes they may even eat the wrong things entirely! Here are a few tips regarding what to feed your tropical fish.

Neon Lights For Tropical Fish Tank

FishImage by tkcrash123 via Flickr
Do you need neon lights for tropical fish tank? The truth of the matter is that it depends on the type of fish tank you own. Practically all starter tanks come with a basic fluorescent light, while tanks that have large amounts of plant life, coral, anemones, and other creatures may need something much stronger. Here are a few tips for when considering neon lights for tropical fish tank.

Hiding Places In Tropical Fish Tank

Did you know that fish will get stressed without having hiding places in tropical fish tank? This is something that many new fish tank owners don't realize. In providing your fish with places to get away for a while, you will be doing wonders for lowering their stress levels and keeping them healthy for much longer.

Tropical fishImage by fox_kiyo via Flickr